Our Services

Respite Options

Our team of highly experienced staff take pride in tailoring supports to suit your individual needs. Each stay is personal and designed to make you feel welcome and right at home.


At Creative Living Supports, we promise that whether it be dining out, participating in community activities, visiting a market, or seeing the local wildlife; our staff provide experiences that enrich, engage, and support your recovery journey.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Supported Independent Living is designed for participants that require a significant amount of help throughout the day. SIL is a paid personal support, funded by the NDIS to support participants within a home. This can be in someone’s current home, or within the community.


We aim to provide SIL options for those participants that need a higher level of support to develop skills for participants to live independently within the community.

Independent Living Options (ILO)

Individual Living Options provides people with a disability, a more flexible option to choose where to live, who to live with and what in-home supports are right for them.

Support Coordination

Needing help understanding your NDIS plan?

Our support coordinators have experience working in the mental health and disability sector. Our team support participants and families to understand the NDIS processes and how to make to most of your NDIS plan.

CLS support coordinators help connect, research, and apply their knowledge to support NDIS participants to make the most out of their journey. CLS support coordinators will aim to always exercise your choice and control over the providers they choose while empowering them to become as independent as possible.

Specialist Support Coordination

Our Specialist Support Coordinators are trained and accredited social workers that have worked in the mental health and disability sector. They have sound knowledge and experience working in the NDIS space and community. These are specialists that support NDIS participants by managing the challenges and complexity in the support environment and ensuring consistent service delivery.

Some responsibilities of Specialist Support Coordination will include:

Managing challenges in the field; including health, education, child protection, or justice services. Specialist Support Coordination aims to reduce barriers to implementing or using NDIS participants plans.

Aims to build participants capacities to learn, develop, build resilience by working alongside the participants throughout the implementation of their NDIS plan.

Support Work

Our support workers have a background in working with people who live with either mental and/or physical disabilities.

At Creative Living Supports we match our Support Worker’s with NDIS participants based on their individual needs.

Support workers can provide but is not limited to; assisting with daily living tasks, mental health and disability support, meal preparation, community access and other related tasks that you may need assistance with.


The pricing of our services listed above are regulated by the National Disability Insurance Agency.


For more information regarding Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, please visit https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/pricing-arrangements.


A copy of the most recent Price Guide (effective 19th April 2022) can be downloaded below.