About Us

Our Mission

Creative Living Supports (CLS) is committed to providing creative, out of the box supports and being responsive to enhance participants quality of life for people with mental health or disabilities, carers, family and the community. CLS aims to enable NDIS participants to be a part of their community and maintain their independence.

Our Vision

Our shared vision is for a community that connects with all people; we are confident that everyone can pursue a meaningful life for our participants to enhance their social and emotional wellbeing.

Creative Living Supports is committed to working in collaboration with you; our practice has been influenced by positive psychology, consumer participation movement, coaching style relationship, evidence-based practice and collaborative recovery model.

We take a holistic approach to work with our participants, their close network, the wider support system (family, carer/s friend/s, support network and other stakeholders), ensuring that our participants are well supported on their journey to their own journey to recovery.